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CRM functions

It is not easy to find a CRM service provider that exactly matches the requirements of the construction industry. Although large CRM providers can often model many functions, this is disproportionate to the customization effort in terms of cost and time intensity.

That is why we focused our efforts especially on the construction industry. Because we know what you need.

Construction projects, opportunities, and employees

Effective customer management - specialized for companies in the construction industry

How to keep an overview of all parts of the business in the construction industry? How can I best structure client relationships and where can I see current construction projects and what potential opportunities they represent for me?
By using our CRM system, you can get answers to the above questions and more on demand.

  • A clear overview of all sales opportunities on the market.
  • Intelligent networking and overview of employees working on the project.
  • Quick and easy recording of new contacts.
  • Automation for marketing campaigns.
  • A comprehensive dashboard with the most important information for you and your employees.
  • Modern and intuitive design.
Construction projects, opportunities, and employees

Your business development opportunities in construction - always in sight

  • Direct allocation of resources for a specific construction project.
  • Clear prioritization of potential opportunities.
  • Clear and customizable dashboard with key parameters.
  • Transparent overview of sales activities.
Construction projects, opportunities, and employees

Always have an overview of all stakeholders in the construction

  • Direct assignment of architects, planners, manufacturers, and other participants for the construction project.
  • A clear overview of employees and their tasks in the company.
  • History and relationships with previous construction projects.
  • Keep up with current construction projects.
Construction projects, opportunities, and employees

Clear dashboard for sales and marketing

  • Opportunities for precisely tailored marketing activities based on specific groups of people.
  • Recognize the importance of different target groups and their impact on your sales success.
  • Targeting of specific groups based on an intelligent customer management system.
  • Don't lose sight of your important sales tasks.
  • A transparent overview of the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • A transparent overview of the success of your sales activities.
Craftt 4.0


Cloud software

As the name suggests, Craftcloud is a software developed with modern cloud and web technologies.

• Ready to work without installation.
• No need for own server.
• Administration included.
• Accessible from any Internet-enabled device.

Secure, connected, and protected data

Craftcloud handles your data carefully and protects you from an unwanted access.

• Data backup protects against data loss in the event of a server failure.
• Following the provisions of the GDPR.
• Interfaces for using existing data and providing data from Craftcloud.

Browsers & App

Smartphone and tablet app is available for mobile use on the go or at work. The software is also accessible via a browser.

• Modern, attractive, and understandable design.
• Intelligent user guidance.
• Customizable layout.

Support and consulting

Craftcloud won't leave you alone. With regular and continuous updates, we are here for further support and advice.

• Competent consulting on issues related to digitization.
• Maintenance and updates included.
• Support can be selected as needed.
• Access to support and training materials included.
• Possible individual training.

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