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Our vision

Craftcloud revolutionizes
the construction industry

By consistently using modern solutions and technologies, Craftcloud helps to perform everyday tasks more efficiently and effectively. Craftcloud allows you to work anytime and anywhere because data and files are always with you.

Craftcloud is evolving into a comprehensive solution that makes work fun and successful again.

Do important things
at the right time!

Craftcloud helps you keep track of upcoming tasks in an optimal way where you won’t feel overwhelmed because with us you always know what to do next.

professional and efficient

Craftcloud is built for successful teams. It is intended for everyone who wants to cooperate and is committed to transparent communication, optimal delegation, and maximum cooperation.

With us, you search less because you always know where things are

Craftcloud doesn’t just provide blank data. It provides valuable information in the context of time and people. Data and files are found when they are needed – easily and instantly.

Welcome to the future!

With Craftcloud, you start the digitization process without any worries. Because where stubborn people with their outdated technologies and ways of thinking only know for “no” – Craftcloud takes you to the clouds.

Craftt 4.0

Digitize your company


from digitization experts
in the construction industry.

We are familiar with digitalization and come from the construction industry ourselves. Our team, together with founder and CEO Johannes Baier, has been dealing with digitalization, software development, and sales in the construction industry for years.

Talk to us about your project. We will be more than happy to help!

  • Introduction of digital solutions for efficient and effective management of your daily business.
  • With digital tools, relieve workers and keep them using modern and structured methods that make work easier.
  • Optimizing your business with software and digitization that pays off.
  • Improve communication within the team and with the client through the consistent use of digital tools.
  • Let us help get rid of paperwork.

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    Do you have any questions?